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Default Good read

Well anglers I have 2 chapters left to read in my new book, 'Knowing Bass'.
Of course this is my first read and the second read is when I'll take notes and such.
Amazing book.
Explains the 'whys' backed by scientific research and testing.
Perfect Joe book.

Well as usual, I have to research everything and I ran across this site.

Left side under Pro tips tells you the science behind hearing, seeing etc.
Simple understandable and most important to my 'razzers', short read!
Check it out, it may answer some of your questions.

Now the reason I got to the site was wondering about the effect on bass, or any fish for that matter, that boat hull color had on fishing success.
Why you ask?

Cause the Monkey now has it's sights on a Hobie.
I'm now in the market...or so he thinks anyway.

Challenge 'YELLOW'.

If I get tricked into new, Dune is my choice.
But I don't think I'll go new if at all possible.
Vast majority of PA12s and 14s used are yellow.

Now those that have yellow swear it doesn't hinder fishing success even in shallows.
Most that have Dune say they did it mostly cause it shows nicks and scratches least.
No-one seems to have done it for 'stealth' reasons.

The yellow guys feel strongly about being visible to the 'ill mannered recreational' boat buzzing around at 50+ mph speeds.

My only concern.....will it be detrimental to fishing success.

Now Bruce, Walker, you both have non yellow.
And do you folks or anyone for that matter, fish with anyone who has yellow?
Or anyone got a yellow hobie.
What's their/your thoughts.

I've even thought of painting bottom Fishouflage.
Not ME, someone else.

So ALL input wanted!
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."

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I WANTED YELLOW! But Hobie was having an issure with their supply of yellow plastic at the time (just about a year ago, now) and there were none in stock at either of the two dealers within an hour of me. A predicted wait of 6 weeks was the prospect if I ordered one - SO, the dealer from whom I purchased had no PA's in stock at all, but found one at another dealer that he could get it from and it was the Dune (or Ivory) color. As I have NO patience and am a totally spoiled brat, I could not wait. THAT'S why I have the color I have. I liked the yellow for the above mentioned visibility factor, but I'm fine with the Dune, but as far as the "stealth" factor, I don't think the color has as much to do with that as the QUIET factor. Kayaks are quiet, turn off the sonar and you can approach fish a lot closer than you can in a larger boat. A push pole, in shallow water, is the quietest way to approach other than drifting. Now, as for YELLOW (Mango), a buddy recently purchased a 2013 PA-14 in that color, and after seeing it several times, I think I'm glad I actually ended up with the Dune color. I'm not sure I would be happy with that color - long term. The other color Hobie offers (PA's) is the olive. I really don't like that color, another buddy has an olive colored Outback and it is probably the least visible of all the colors and is just flat out DRAB. (Olive Drab!).

Another suggestion Joe, check for dealerships in your area, it's the end of the year and they may have DEMO kayaks available. My first Outback was a demo - saved me about $400 and it was almost as good as a new one. The PA's are pretty hot and finding a demo may be difficult, but worth a phone call, certainly. Oh, and Hobies NEVER go on sale or are discounted, they are a tough nut to crack on price - the demand is there and they don't "deal", so the only way to save some cash is buy used or a demo if you can find one. I have a friend who is on the Hobie Regional Pro Staff - he's the only guy I know that gets a "Hobie Discount".
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Hobie discounting practices even stretch to there shipping.
Sites I visited that offered 'free shipping' wouldn't/couldn't free ship Kobies or their accessories.
As I explained in other thread... NO FLUKING DEALERS anywhere even sorta close.
Midwest and Wisconsin in ideas and philosphies are not jumped on quickly, if at all.

And I think I read your thread dozens of times, only by different anglers.
Almost without exception, they go olive or dune because of supply. Once gotten they ALL NOW prefer dune or the olive?
Yet Hobie says 'yellow' is by far the most requested and made color.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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Possibly because yellow is easier seen by other people,as for bass most of the time wont make any difference.
If alone adrift yellow would be a nice color for a chopper to find camo would not or even blue or green.Hook onto a few hundred pd of swordfish or 18-20 ft saltie croc it goes where it wants,takes you with it.It is after all an ocean capable craft,as for shallow skinny dipping ive done it in larger craft with white,blue,scotch most of the time that shallow veggies hide the boat and they do not see color the same as you or I,they do see movement.Poisin dart frogs I use are yellow with some black nothing like them around here make that thing smaller a bass would eat it.Make it move its menacing and large they scoot does not matter what color.
If you get that thing try coming down for a visit can put you on the obion chain wont see another boat angler all week just bank anglers,lilly pads green stuff galore along with cypress trees n stumps,two gators and a few hundred cottonmouths but chock full of bass.

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Interesting read in the top link you gave about color.

I wonder how many shades of gray they see?
If you can't fix it with heavy squats or fish oil, you're probably going to die.
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Very interresting, and may explain why I do so well with yellow trailers on my spinnerbaits, and black/blue jigs in deeper water.
Just one more cast, and then some!
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Why do people think yellow is detrimental to bass fishing? I never thought the color was, unless I misunderstand the thread?

I will use yellow because it is very visible and I have had good success with it, especially with crankbaits. The last thing you want a lure to exhibit is stealth. I want my lures seen, heard and smashed.

Now here is a crankbait lure that I made. It has a blue back, red chevrons, and a yellow bottom. It is painfully apparent that I can't paint worth a darn, lol.

Well, that lure has caught both bass and trout.

It might be hard to see, but you will see a crankbait (not the one I made) by my hand and yes, it is yellow.

So yes, using yellow is detrimental... to the fish and not me, lol.
ARX "If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." Doug Larson (Shimano 2005 Reel Catalog)

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Think about this: Why are the bellies of fish always a lighter color? It's because when a predator is looking up at the fish, they are looking towards their light source (the sky) and the white/light colored belly is harder to see. A darker color would leave a better silhouette against the light colored sky.

I would think a kayak would be the same. A lighter color should produce much less of a silhouette than say Olive Drab.

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