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Default Finally... to go fishing yesterday at a local state lake, Waller. I fished from 6-3 and caught 3, including the white perch. I had a bunch of blow ups at the end of the day though that kept me interested. We have had a bunch of rain the past 2 or 3 days and the lake was still as clear as a bell. I figured the fish would be pushed back off their spawning flats so I concentrated on the 8-10' ledges off the side if the lily pad fields. Went blank other than the white perch and then saw some beast striking in the pads. I threw a Ribbit Frog, but I reckon it cause too much commotion because everything was running. I switch to a Zoom horny toad (Pumpkin seed) and got 1 the first cast. I should have stayed in the pads the rest of the day, because I went until 1 for my next hit. I pulled in to another wind protected lily pad field about 1 and all I could hear were bluegill smacking the bottom, but no action. So I threw the toad, and wham. Then all the sudden, it's like I created a feeding frenzy, there were bass blowing up all over the place. I ran out of toads and switched to a Bass Assassin and got another one, and a ton of blow ups. I plan on getting a couple of Spro frogs and trying it again. I think I am going to get a spool of braid, too, so I can rip them out and on top of the water. The flouro worked pretty good though. But I know next time we get that much rain, I am going to spend a little more time near the banks before moving offshore. Aimless post, just glad I finally got to go fishing my way, I am sort of glad no one wanted to go with me, I probably wouldn;t have been able to stay past 10 or 11 with that slow of action. But sometimes, it's not just about catching fish, but forgetting about what is going on outside the lake for a little while.
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sounds good bubba. i love it when the topwater starts. means time is here........YEA!!!
so many lures, so little time.
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yeah braid is the best for frog fishin... glad you got to go
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Glad you got out, Bubba. How long will you be on shore?
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Sounds like a poop load of fun!

You should with out a doubt get a spro, Best frog on the market! But fist, get some braid man! Go with 50lb for frogs, and 30lb for everything else!
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