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Default Question about line.

I'm sure this has been asked a zillion times, but just fer grins lets make it a zillion and one. I'd like to know what type of line ya'll would use for the type water I fish. Heres a pic showing the stump rich lake I fish regularly.....for every stump you see theres a whole bunch more ya don't...the lake is thick with hidden timber....bottom is pretty much all rock......So what would ya'll use?

I've never fished with anything but mono, and I currently use 12-15lb Berkley Trilene BigGame line on both my baitcast as well as my spincast. I fight alot of line twist on the spincast and find I need to replace it every few trips and wondered if using something like braid would stop or reduce the problem....and yes, I close the bail by hand.

The water clairity in this lake varies from a muddy/murky to lightly stained(clear to 4-5ft)most of the time. There is alot of underwater timber to get hung up on and having never used braid I wondered how that might play out when you just wanna break off cause ya can't get unhung?

Like I said, having never used anything but mono, I'd really appreciate knowing what other anglers would use in my situation? Thanks in advance for your input.
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i've used braid a couple of times and when you get hung and a plug knocker will not fix the problem you have to just cut the line as close as you can. if you do use braid get power pro. and don't wrap your fingers around it cause this stuff will cut a finger to the bone.
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Power pro braid with a 20lb fluoro leader connect by uni to uni knot or the j knot . Personally I hate tying on a leader so I fish 20lb Seagaur invizx fluorocarbon on one reel and #30 power pro in moss green on another and I also use the same mono you do .

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I fish similar water here with PowerPro (65 pound) and Suffix braids. No need for a leader with the water clarity being so low, unless you just want one.

That being said, I use Big Game a lot, too. If you are hapy with it, there really isn't any need to change.
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Braid does fray, but unlike mono, I find it doesn't weaken it that much. And remember, if fishing in rocky areas, 50lb braid wil get cut on a sharp rock just as easily at 12lb mono.

If you fish the stumps a lot, go with 30lb Sufix or Power Pro braid (I like Sufix the best). I think fishing 50 or 65lb braid is a bit much, and have never used more than 30lb.

I think braid would really help you. It may be more costly in the beginning, but if you use $40 of mono during a season changing you line 5-7 times, then changing braid once or twice a season shouldn't be bad, and hsouldsave you some money. I've actually used the same braid two season, and next spring will be the start of the third.

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matters VERY little what your fishing.. baits you need good feel with. go with braid say 40-50 pound. you can use 12 pound mono and do well with rocks and stumps on the rest of your lures. in heavy weeds i would up to 14-15 pound test but thats it..

i rarely lose fish due to bass actually wrapping me around stumps..

btw i fish luckycraft baits on 12 pound mono thru the same kind of crap..

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Old 11-28-08, 12:05 PM   #7
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I'd probably fish 20 lb Big Game on the baitcaster if the water is stained and Power Pro on the Spinning reel. You won't have the line twist problem with the PP. After I spool up with PP, the first time I hit the lake, I'll let almost all the line out behind my boat while it's going very slow. No lure tied on. Wind it all back on then let it all out again. Wind it all on again and you won't have the packing problem you often have with braid.
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Old 11-30-08, 01:35 PM   #8
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Hey 66,
Stick with the Big Game on your baitcasters... I use the green on the river and it hasn't failed me yet. Good stuff. On the Spinning reels I go with 20 lb. Green Suffix braid... it greatly reduced my problems with line twists.
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Old 12-01-08, 03:35 AM   #9
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Thanks guys....sounds like i'll be puttin some braid on the spinning reel for sure. I have not had any problems with the Big Game other than it seems to have some memory issues which seemed compounded on the spinning reel. Guess i'll just keep using it on the baitcasters....I might bump up the poundage a bit. I bought another baitcaster this weekend so I could throw some braid on my old reel just to see how I like it.
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KingFisher, I too have had my share of line twist using mono with spinning tackle. So this year I spooled on 20 pound Power Pro and never had a single instance of line twist. I'd definately give it a try. As for baitcasters, I perfer to use Bagely Silver Thread in the moss green color in 17 - 20 pound test when I can get it. This year I couldn't find the green and used clear with good success also. I know a lot of guys are gonna tell ya to use fluorcarbon line, and thats fine if you can use it. I tried it and found it to be rather stiff, and I had trouble flipping and casting with it. I went back to copolymer lines and trouble was solved. I am going to try the Trilene 100% Flourocarbon line this year as I have heard other say it is a much better animal than the other flourocarbons.
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