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Default Lake Smith-Stafford VA

Is it any good? Is there anywhere else in the area I should try?
I am at Quantico through Friday and hope to get a line wet.
If you have ever wondered if you should retie, the answer is yes.
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You have a couple small lakes on Quantico but they are on the west side of I95. Smith and Able. Don't know how good the fishing is or if you can fish from shore. I do know you need a special license to fish them which you can purchase at the ponds or on base.

If you want to fish from shore on base you can fish Chopawamsic creek. It's on the south end of the base next to the airfield. The two bridges hold fish and you can fish under them. So do the trees on the south side next to the OCS training area. The rip rap areas on the north side of the creek get a lot of pressure from the catfish guys.

If my truck was running and I had my prop back I could have showed you the Potomac this weekend!!! Too bad you won't be around this weekend. I'd have taken you out somehow.
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Old 09-22-10, 08:12 AM   #3
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Let me know next time you head out this way and I will arrange a trip during the week. Laguna is supposed to be better than Smith but I have never fished either. Laguna is out past the FBI.
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Old 09-30-10, 10:19 AM   #4
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Lunga is the biggest and most popular lake at Quantico. A friend of mine fishes there regularly, and he pulls some nice fish out of there each Spring.

There are a couple ponds on the base too. I've only fished one of them (Buffalo) and wasn't impressed.
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