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Default some ideas for next weeks tournament

i went a prefished a small lake today for our club tournament next saturday, id never fished there and wanted to get an idea of the place. the limit is 3 fish under 14 and 1 over 18.. caught a few slot fish today but none over 18, guess they r few and far between. the water is super clear, clear down to at least 10 ft deep and isnt really any structure, just a steep drop off all the way around the bank. u can b 10 foot from the bank and ur in 20 ft of water. caught fish today on a mardi gras trick worm wacky style. also 1 on a pumpkin baby brush hog and 1 on a green pumpkin baby brush hog. my partner caught them on the wacky and also on a c rig with a green pumpkin monster worm. ive never fished clear water before today so it was a little rough but im hoping u guys can give me some ideas on catchin them. our club is small so there will probably only b 4 guys fishin and i highly doubt any of them will catch 1 over 18inches, also it'll b from daylight till 1pm. i planned on a wacky rig, maybe the c rig, a tan/brown frog, and a swim jig.. ive got 2, 1/4 oz swim jigs, 1 in bluegill with a 4in gr pumpkin grub trailer or swimmin chunk in green pumpkin. other is blue and black with a black and blue swimmin chunk. i noticed theres a lot of down timber and some weeds under the water close to the bank. as for strategy i plan on throwin the frog first, if nothin happens quick ill throw the wacky to get a limit and hope to cull them out later. i assume about 3 or 4 lbs will win it with 4 under 14inch fish. hopefully ive given u guys enough info that u can help with some ideas.
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so apperently im not the only one that doesnt know how to fish clear water?
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OJ there are some clear water guys here that either haven't logged on lately or missed this thread. I fish a lake similar to the one you describe and usually do well with a wacky senko. Of course light line and long casts. With vegetation and wood absent I rarely do any good with a frog unless it's at first/last light throwing it on the shore and plopping it in.
I've also had some success by finding where the thermocline intersects those steep banks (let's say 12') and then casting cranks that run that depth parrallel to the shore.
If you can find any structure at all in a structureless lake it's golden.
Good Luck

Ps...In my experience in a deep-open-clear water lake a hard wind can make a huge difference. If your lucky enough to have 15-20+ winds on tx day, go to the windy side and start throwin prop baits-jerk baits-wake baits........
Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

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