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Default It's St Pattys Day and.....

What did you do? I know many of you have open water and have been out working it already. Here, there is still about 50% ice coverage on the lakes. But everything in my arsonal has been almost complete for opening day except a couple things. So while the corned beef and cabage dinner has been brewing in the crock pot, I've finished up loose ends.
Today, I spolled up all my reels with fresh line except for a couple that I know I won't use untill later in the year. I also made a few changes in my lure storage boxes, primarily soft plastics. I store them in 360 boxes and label each box so I can find what I am looking for fast on the water. I have a tackle bag that is specifically for that, along with all the soft plastic hardware. I relabled a few of the boxes to reflect the changes I made, and removed some soft plastics that I don't think I'll use any time soon and placed them in ziplock storage bags for safe keeping. Changed a few hooks here and there, and now I am ready to get the boat situated next weekend, weather permitting.
Hopefully, I will be on the water in two weeks. Thats the plan anyways. It all depends on mother nature, which hasn't been kind lately. Normally, all the ice is gone by now, but not this year. Daily highs in the 30's and lows at night in the low 20's makes for a slow thaw. And I would really like a good week of warm 60 degree plus weather before heading out. But I've been eyeing that north shore which has been ice free for a week now, and when I can finally launch, thats where I will be heading. The west bay in the lake is still frozen over, which is where the boat launch is. It's also where my best fishing success will be once the water hits 50 degrees. I catch some real pigs out of that bay every year. Even caught a HUGE walleye in that bay last year fishing from a pier there.
I even have a handful of baits in the waitting for opening day. I'll post a pic of those the night before I head out. Happy St Pattys Day everyone.
Just one more cast, and then some!
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ok,............looked at the broken steerig cable on my trolling motor. then i straightened up the house some. mowed and weeteted the yard, well MOST of the yard anyway. then i changed the oil in my truck, washed a load of clothes, made myself some french toast and fried sausage for supper.fixed my lunch for my first day a tthe new job tomorrow and got my clothes ready. now i am about to take a shower and hit the haystack.

not much of a celebration huh keith? lol!
so many lures, so little time.
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nice lazy day for me did do much of anything except take a nap
the only easy day was yesterday
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I sat at my family room window begging St Patrick to stop the 35 degree rain so I could go fishing
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Saturday before St. Patty's I hit the Mississippi River just South of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Me and 2 friends landed over a 100 fish through the ice. Of course most of those were bluegill, perch and tiny bass; but we did catch a 30" Northern Pike, Six bass in the 18" range, 2 huge Crappie, and 1 stinky DogFish (Bowfin). The biggest fish got away (doesn't he always?) We had a Northern Pike that would have been over 3 feet on the line and up to the hole, but it knocked the hook out while shaking it's head against the bottom of the ice.

On St. Patty's day, we stopped on the small Upper Iowa River and casted around for an hour or two. The river was split about 50/50 between open water and ice. That was more ice than we thought there would be, but we didn't really expect to catch any fish - we just wanted to get out and cast a little.
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