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F16 1UB
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Default Backlash Problems? Maybe Here's Your Fix.

I was at a club meeting the other night & speaking was local Bass Angler Tim Fredericks, the 6th place finisher of a B.A.S.S. Open held on the Harris Chain in FL last Feb. Fredericks was asked, "I keep getting backlashes on my casting reels.... What can I do?" Fredericks mentioned several things including reel adjustments but what got my attention was this....Place a small piece of scotch tape across your spool at the end of your farthest cast. Well I'll be.... So if you're 1 that falls into this category you may want to try it.
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I've heard that before. It always sounded like sound advice for someone who is new to baitcasters. Even us old timers could benefit when we get the occation nest.
Just one more cast, and then some!
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You know I've heard this too but could never understand 'where' to put the tape.
Now I do, thanks.
I'm fairly proficient with BCs and do alot of switching between spinning and BCs. Don't have a challenge but when I switch lighter from heavy lures I can get backlashed on first cast when baitcasting. I have a tendency to grab and toss and also use very little tension cause long casting being a shorebuster now, is usually one of my objectives. I very well understand, I think, how and when to adjust the BCs it's just I can go from a 1/16 to a 3/4 and back in as little as an half hour. Shorebusting you rarely have a dozen poles preset so transfering baits or switching numerous times in an outing is often, for me anyways.
Thanks for the clarification, I may even try it even though the first thing I learned was how to get backlashes out eassier, posted here many a time too, the inconvenience of backlashes drives me nuts somedays.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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pro reel
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You make the farthest cast you posibly can, then pull off a few more yards. Put the tape there and it will stop deep backlash without ever interfering with your casting. One thing I can add, use one full wrap of tape to keep the spool in balance.
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Many anglers use a variation of what you've explained, ie: fill a spool about 2/3 full, or to within a cast lengh whichever you prefer, with a cheap backing line, tie on the preferred main line, then use a full wrap of electrical tape around the spool, which prevents the line from digging into the backing line. Accomplishes about the same thing, but using the cheap backing line will save you a little money over a few years, especially when using braid or flurocarbon.

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