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Question Why is it?

I read something on another thread that got me wondering: Why do we stop using baits/techniques we used in the past that produced? Case in point-back in the dark ages when I was a kid one of my go-to lures was a perch colored Jitterbug. I ALWAYS had one even in the winter. I have not thrown one in years. Moving on to the next big thing, I guess. Still, it used to really produce, so why do we stop using these old school baits?

It's happened to the best of them: John 21:3
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I don't know why yall do it but for me I've usually just assumed lures get refined and improved over time, or at least they should. For example I used to throw Smithwick Rogues a LC and others have better suspending baits. On the other hand I've been throwing Original Floating Rapalas for 40 years and until someone shows me one that will do a better job..........
Also there is a small "conditioning" factor that I think plays in on heavily fished public waters............

Regarding Jitterbugs in particular I still use the big black one for night fishing all the time but haven't thrown one in daylight for you I'm clueless why.....
Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.
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Super saturation of the fads and next big thing I guess (I just noticed you wrote the same thing already, but it's what hit my mind too). I know personally, I am looking for that edge, but always seem to fall short and back on old faithfuls.
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I agree with Ken, the bass get used to them. Also plus hundreds of other lures they are pounded with. So new baits promise something the bass haven't seen before.
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i am in TOTAL agreement. i for one am gonna go BACK to some of the old stand bys. like the orginal MANN'S JELLY WORM. got some and by george i am gonna USE em. also have the black hula popper as well as the frog colored one. gonna go to using them again too.

the thing i guess is like oyu said, the next BIG THING. remember the waying that lures are made to catch man instead of fish? or something like that. lol!
so many lures, so little time.
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Yeah black powder to gunpowder smokeless,then dynamite now c4,think its called progress,does not mean black powder wont blow a hole in something just can be done easier with something else.So the tools we use are improved thru use ,at least somewhat so.Using a jitterbug however would get less looks than say doing the twist,out on the dance floor.Try a river runt instead,or sonic.
Everyone keeps a few ol standbys me its a tom mans lil george.
And while I have lc and others I just cant get rid of my rogues.

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For me, it's a matter of learning how to use new baits over the years, and experimenting with others. I know my spinnerbait will catch bass, but what about this thingamajiggy here? The challenge of catching bass on something I'm not familar with is attractive to me. And like Ken mentioned, bass become conditioned to certain baits seen over and over again. I have found myself on occation going back to an old standby, and sometimes it pays off. Other times, the newer bait design simply outcatches the old design. I used to use the old Bomber Model A crankbaits a LOT! Caught fish on them too. Now, I catch far more bass on the newer square bill design crankbaits. Sometimes, the newer design simply trumps the old standby.
Just one more cast, and then some!
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Pop-culture of course!

Well not quite, but kinda! I take a sociology class where we study why people with-in a society. On thing that really influences what we do with what the celebs are doing (in our case Elite and touring pros).

Case and point the Alabama rig. Did ANYONE throw these before Paul Elise won that tourney on one? Ever since that, people have been buying them up like white bread. Another case is square bills... KVD won the classic on one and people started throwing them allot more than they may have prior to him winning the classic with one.

It works in reverse as well. How many pros do you see throwing a JitterBug or even a plain 'ol texas rig worm now days? Not many. JitterBugs just don't get the same spot light as they did 30 years ago, so people aren't really throwing them much.

If we need to beat a dead horse, we can take John's HELICOPTER LURE!! Roland Martin talked em up, so people bought em... whether or not they even worked. The pop-culture figures endorsed it, and we fallowed suit.
If you can't fix it with heavy squats or fish oil, you're probably going to die.
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Old 02-21-13, 09:22 AM   #9
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I actually caught fish on a flying lure,just didnt go back and buy more.
Didnt fall for the helicopter lures,but have others along the way
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The best way I can describe it is comparing it to the 'Phone Monkey'.
My kid's kids have $200+ phones because everytime ANY phone upgrade comes availble....BAM, my kid OWNS it.
Hence the $300 phone he bought 3 months ago, now goes in a drawer or to the kids.

I ask him what was wrong with the old one and his response is always the same, NOTHING.

Why you'd need a new one I ask?
Same response every time, "They say this one is faster or handier or all the 'techies' got them or smaller or maybe it's just better looking."

Any of these reasons sound familiar while your walking down the BPS aisle?

Passion promotes expenditure!
Willingness to spend promotes a willingness to experiment.
Willingness to experiment promotes expenditure.

Vicious cycle.

"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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