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Old 07-07-09, 10:47 AM   #26
fishin spro
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Originally Posted by aikenyounggun View Post
actually right next to the bank i was pullin it up, and when it touched the surface of the water a little fish pecked at it..... haha, it was weird
aiken, i dont know if it was the same thing or not, but the other day i was adding some chartreuse garlic flavored die to a junebug worm, and some how i spilt a little bit on the line. and i guess because of the smell, little shad kept hitting that spot on the line. it must have happened 20 diffrent times. i kept thinkng it was bream bites, but the last few times they did it just as the line was coming out of the water. it was pretty wierd
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Old 07-08-09, 12:33 PM   #27
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yeah little bream and stuff will sometime my line just where it hits the water....

and yeah the chartreuse stuff sometimes drive bream and smaller fish like that crazy

i had some one day and everytime i pulled it up a bream would hit the tail, haha

but i actually saw this flash and it was long and skinny, so it was a bass
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Old 07-14-09, 11:22 PM   #28
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Wow! I love big worms

I read this thread and went out and bought some 10" Powerbait worms in Watermelon Candy and I pulled out a PB 19" bass today! haha i also pulled out a 7 inch bass.... on a 10" worm.... that was odd. But i love these big worms, i was happy with the results and im gonna keep on using them.

The 19" i caught today also swallowed the worm! he must have really liked it! I'm defintely getting more big worms for sure. Also, I like to rig em without weights. They drop at a perfect rate for me in a lake only 4-6 feet deep. I texas rigged them with no swivel or weights and i was pulling out some nice bass. I love big worms! Im getting more in different colors.

And the best part about em.... if they're too big, just cut an inch off, or cut the tail some. I would recommend the powerbait 10" worms. They worked for me.
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Old 07-14-09, 11:28 PM   #29
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Most Bass like 10" or less in baits. I seen it on in-Fisherman or Linders Angling Edge.
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Old 07-15-09, 03:07 AM   #30
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Originally Posted by sac View Post
I'm on this huge worm kick lately and I was wodering what big worms everyone uses I'm talking 10in + size and what color seems to work the best for them. Also, what hooks is everyone using. I like pictures some post them if you got them.
Over the years, I have had zero success using mega-sized worms along the bottom, either texas or carolina-rigged.

However, on a recent outing, I caught 3 bass within the first 5 casts by deep swimming a Strike King Anaconda rigged with a 1/4 ounce weighted hook. The largest was 6 pounds, the largest I have ever pulled from the particular small lake.
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Old 07-16-09, 09:30 AM   #31
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Right on! I've yet to catch anything on my monsters yet, but 30min of fishing in 2 weeks isn't really giving it a chance.........I's sad.
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check out the rage tail thumper worm, it's coming about this fall!
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For big worms I'm planning on using the 10 inch Anaconda. Right now it's just been to cool up here to use them. I've been throwing the 7 inch version, but 4 inch creature baits like their Space Monkey have really been getting bit.

Top producer by far for me has been my trusty Drop Shot rig with a 5 inch Zoom Finesse worm. They've just been killing it.
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