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Default 10 biggest myths in bass fishing
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Thanks for posting the informative and interesting information. A good read, Thanks and Good Fishing, Mac
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Myth #5 doesn't factor in my boat lol
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Thats a good read. Thanks
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I second the good read
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Myth #1: Bass BecomeDormant in Cold Water

Myth #2: Bass Strike Red Hooks Because They Resemble Blood

Myth #3: A Bass is a Bass . . .

<H3>Myth #4: Modern Livewells Make Fish Care Easy

Myth #5: You Need a Big, Fast Boat to Fish Efficiently

Myth #6: Tournaments Harm Bass Populations

Myth #7: Bass Abandon Areas Treated with Herbicides

Myth #8: Big Baits Catch Big Bass

Myth #9: Catching Nesting Bass is like Picking Cherries

Myth #10: Stocking Florida Bass Improves Lunker Catches
</H3> Add your own!

#11: Fishing with a radio on decreases your catch rate
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The biggest myth in bass or any other kind of fishing is that it takes a lot of patience to be a good fisherman. I read where Larry Nixon said, and I agree 100%, that none of the best bass fisherman he knows has much patience.

What I think he's saying is patience in the sense that they are willing to set in one spot all day soaking the same bait waiting for a fish to swim by which is the type of patience most people think of when they think of a good fisherman.

I'm usually either catching or moving throwing something different until I get tuned in and then I slow way down. I don't consider myself a patient person and the better anglers I know aren't either.
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#11 Bananas in the fishing area will shut fishing down like high a pressure cold front.
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fishen green
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wow nice read
and yup banana's in the boat is a big superstition up here
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