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Default chit chat with Derik Remitz

So, I go to waterfront grocery and tackle today for some gas. I swipe my card at the pump and naturally it says see attendant. while im cussing the machine, I look up and see the Omega custom tackle boat! I turn to walk in and here comes Derik Remitz walking towards me(he is a friend of mine and a regular customer at Oreillys where i work) we talked a few minutes and he asked what I thought about his new truck. we talked fishing of course and he was telling me how it was slow, but was about to pick up soon as we get some stable weather. then he was off to mow his lawn. its encounters like these with pro fishermen like him that make me feel good about the sport and enjoy it!!!!
when god created Lake Guntersville, he created perfection(mark zona)
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that is great jeremy. it warms the heart knowing there are TRUE friends in the pro circuit. even if the conversation lasted only a few mins, the fact that he jsut talks about general things is great.
so many lures, so little time.
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Most pros are real people and if circumstances permit will chew the fat about most anything but fishing,and a select few that will include that providing its about fishing not them.
Now run into Paul McCartney and not talk about music,try that one.He does have a home around Tucson.Bet ya cant.Where were you sunday feb 9th at 8 oclock,1964?
I was sitting watching the Ed Sullivan show thats where along with 78 million other people.
But I think id resist and ask how he likes his home.
John Denver would play ditties in a backwater bar,but was a decent fella,would converse about a lot but was actually shy,just because youve heard of them and they are good at what they do does not mean they arnt people.Treat them as such.
Ive set the podium and stages up for many a pro fisherman they put their pants on same as everyone else and sometimes just like everyone else put them on backwards or screw up,take no more notice than if joe blow does same.They are after all people.

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