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Old 02-12-10, 07:40 PM   #26
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Numero uno- Jig- Black/Blue with a big pork.
Numero dos- Buzzbait, Black
Numero tres- Paca craw -t rigged
Other anglers are tough, but the fish are the real competition.
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Old 02-12-10, 09:30 PM   #27
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Location: Waurika, OK
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#1. 10" to 12" Worm T-Rigged
#2 Rat L Trap Chrome n Black or Chrome n Blue
#3 Spinner baits 1/2 oz. or Bigger
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Old 02-12-10, 09:34 PM   #28
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1) 3/8 oz Jig - Watermelon, with a Zoom Chunk Jr.

2) Spinnerbait - as long as there's a chop on the water

3) T-Rigged Brush Hog - Watermelon Red Flake
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Old 02-12-10, 09:39 PM   #29
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#1 Drop shot - I find myself in the minority with only three other fellow members who have this technique in their top 3.

#2 Crank/Jerk(hard) baits

#3 Topwaters and inline spinners. Ironically, NOT spinnerbaits. Never caught any fish on a spinnerbait. <<Metallica: sad but truuuuooooh!>>
ARX "If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." Doug Larson (Shimano 2005 Reel Catalog)
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Old 02-12-10, 09:51 PM   #30
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#1 - A weightless Bass Assassin soft jerkbait - Appropiately named "The Go To"
#2 - A 1/16 -1/8 6" Tx rigged 6" Zoom Watermelon or Green Pumpkin Lizard
#3 - Topwater - Devil Horse or small Spook
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Old 02-12-10, 11:21 PM   #31
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Location: San Antonio, TX
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In no particular order:

Weightless soft plastic
Crankbait with a jig running a VERY close second. Or in this case, 4th.
It's happened to the best of them: John 21:3
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Old 02-12-10, 11:23 PM   #32
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Location: Owatonna, MN
Posts: 2,280

1) 7" Yamasenko wacky-rigged (Watermelon w/ Red & Black flakes is my favorite color) = 42% of my 2009 bass

2) Topwater - *Pop-R, frogs, buzzers = 38% of my 2009 bass (27% Pop-R, 26% frogs, 11% buzz, 6% misc. topwater)

3) *Dropshot - Cabela's AquaGlow Creature Bait (June Bug color) or 5" Yamasenko = 13% of my 2009 bass

*I just started using a Pop-R for the first time ever mid-season last year and learned how to dropshot very late last year.

I'm really looking forward to using the dropshot and Pop-R for a full season this year, plus I want to learn how to use a jig this year!
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Old 02-12-10, 11:28 PM   #33
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Location: Wichita, KS
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I am going to say:

1.) spinner baits, I love the feel of an aggressive bass crashing into one of these

2.) 5" Yamamoto Senko, I prefer the Watermelon with Black flake on a weightless T rig

3.) Fluke fishing I like the Zoom Super Fluke in Pearl color, If you have never tried a donkey rig, look it up
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Old 02-12-10, 11:29 PM   #34
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Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota
Posts: 275

3/4 oz spinnerbait - gold shiner or green/clear/silver

jig n craw - junebug or watermelon

buzzbait - blk or wht
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Old 02-13-10, 12:10 AM   #35
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1> drop shot -- 4" motor oil springworm, 1/4 oz skinny DS weight
2> Green Pumpkin Ozmo creature bait on a jighead. Title shot head if weedy, plain football head if not.
3> Jig. Black. 1 oz. With black or green pumpkin plastic chunk.
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Old 02-14-10, 06:15 PM   #36
Backwater Charlie
BassFishin.Com Active Member
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Location: Littcarr, KY
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1) 6" Culprit or Bass Pro Shops Tournament series "red shad" plastic worm, Texas rigged, with a 2/0 Gamakatsu EWG worm hook and a 1/8 OZ bullet weight.

2.) 1/2 OZ Bass Pro Shops Enticer Pro football-head jig, PB & J, 3" pumpkin green Berkley chigger craw trailer.

3.) 3" Berkley Chigger craw, Texas-rigged, 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG worm hook, pumpkin green color.

I'm a soft plastic/jig guy.

Hey - I'd also like to find a fairly cheap baitcaster (under $130) that will cast 1/8oz Texas-rigged worms. Anyone know a good reel that fits the bill? I've checked out the Citica, but not sure if it will cast light lures well...
It was THIS BIG <---------------------------->
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Old 02-14-10, 07:04 PM   #37
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Shakyhead lizard all day!
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Old 02-14-10, 08:06 PM   #38
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Pitching a jig and pig.
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Old 02-14-10, 08:21 PM   #39
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probably a bandit 200 series crankbait, then spinnerbait, then soft plastics
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Old 02-14-10, 08:28 PM   #40
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Originally Posted by JB View Post
probably a bandit 200 series crankbait, then spinnerbait, then soft plastics

I really should get some 200s one of these days, and fill the gap between my 100s and 300s
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Old 02-14-10, 11:04 PM   #41
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Pitchin a jig is my gig. But in a tourny and things get tough, a shakeyhead will get a limit.
Ex-biker,Hell raiser and Dragracer. Now I have totally lost my mind, so bass fishing it is!!!!
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Old 02-14-10, 11:51 PM   #42
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1. Stick of dynamite,
2. An old phone..... hahaha
138 bass in 2K10. Biggest 4LBS 14oz.
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Old 02-15-10, 09:18 AM   #43
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1. weightless senko
2. Top water
3. Wacky rig
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Old 02-16-10, 07:31 PM   #44
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Location: Brandon Mississippi
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1. spinnerbait
2. jig w/ twin tail grub
3. susp. jerkbait
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Old 02-18-10, 10:55 PM   #45
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Posts: 24

4" Nemesis Sicko in Klk color. - large mouth
5" Xtreme tube in Canadian Mist color -smallies
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Old 02-23-10, 08:31 PM   #46
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Location: central illinios
Posts: 26

1. jig(blue/black)

2. watermelon seed wacky rigged trickworm

3. fluke!

last. lipless crankbait i hate them
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Old 05-08-10, 11:54 PM   #47
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Location: Las Cruces, NM
Posts: 8

1. Crankbait
2. Soft Plastic
3. Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits - I don't think I've ever caught a fish on either of these but I just know that if I keep trying I'm bound to catch a fish sooner or later on one of them.

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Old 05-09-10, 12:30 AM   #48
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1. Spinnerbait
2. Any style plastic worm rigged texas style.
3. Jig and pig
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Old 05-09-10, 10:18 PM   #49
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1. Crankbait (Shad Rap and Wiggle Wart)
2. T-rig 4" powerworm
3. Spinner slow rolled

1. Series 6 Strike King Crank
2. Rapala DT Cranks
3. Rat'L'Trap

1. Buzz Bait
2. Heddon Torpedo
3. Pop R
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Old 05-10-10, 09:48 AM   #50
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1.) 2" Mann's Curly Tailed Grub, pumpkin pepper color, on a 1/8oz unpainted lead jig-head.

2.) 1/8oz or 1/4oz Rooster Tail in any color. I'll try them all until I find one that they're hitting on.
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