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Default photo record of lures that work

Even before getting to old age, memory was never something I could rely on for remembering all of the lures that caught fish over the decades. Were those catches flukes or were the lures that caught fish ones that could be relied on in the future?

Obviously classic lures will always be remembered such as the skirted jig & trailer, spinnerbaits with variations of blades, certain crankbaits, specific soft plastic designs and surface lures, etc. But when something new & unusual is added to that collection, keeping a photo record makes sense which always includes many photos of a lure and fish caught on it on different outings.

When it comes to lures that catch fish, in my experience some mysteriously don't catch fish after the first year whereas others do well year after year. As anyone who've followed my obsession with lure design, I strive to discover combinations of shape/size/color/action that catch fish regardless of species. Why they catch fish is speculation at most but most important is that they do so again after being duplicated.

We must trust our eyes when watching good lures move in the water which allows certain assumptions regarding lure-produced, strike provocations to occur. Here is any example of one I discovered recently which has caught hundreds of fish and fish of different species since it was first cast:

I call it my tubby stubby grub formed by attaching a fatter grub body to a hand poured stubby tail (which I have a mold for). Profile-wise it differs from slimmer profile grubs that are similar - such as this one:

As an example for those of you that know which crankbait design to cast, you know the difference a body shape and bill size (unless bill-less) can make when it comes to lure action and running depth. In the case of the tubby stubby, its unique action and profile seem to provoke the same number of strikes and maybe more at times than the slimmer profile and body tail proportion.

Possible reason it has done so well recently: its fat waddle action. Unlike the slimmer design that has a whip-tail action, the fatter body action reminds me of a Zara Spook waddling on the surface - and as anyone who've worked Spooks know, the strikes are explosive due to that unique surface action.

I've photographed recent designs with fish attached and added them to my online photo album. If anyone is interested, I'll show a few more along with a bit of speculation why fish strike them.

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