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Default Spooking fish

Let's say there are several (3 or 4) bass under a log or near a brush pile. I cast out to the area and catch one. He fights and thrashes about as I reel him in. Do the other bass that were in the immediate area get spooked and swim away from the irratic swimming of the fish I just hooked? Do they find some other "safe" area?
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If you stay back from the cover, no. If you're too close, you might be able to back off and wait a few minutes - or they might just go away.
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Depends on a lot of things I think. Early in the spring they were fighting each other to be caught. I really think Bass don't think a lot they just act and if their hormones have them in a agressive mood they will act accordingly.
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as long as the fish dont see you then theyre probably not going to be spooked. most of the time when there are several fish in the same area then there is a lot of competition for any food that is in the area and they probably see the thrashing as aggresion from the other fish. ive actually had a smallmouth on a fluke one time and part of the fluke was hanging out of the fish's mouth and another bass came up and pulled the fluke right off the hook.
other anglers are hard to beat, but the fish are the real competition.
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I have seen this many times over many years. In most cases they chase the hooked fish to steal the lure. In five minutes they will right back in the same spot. But they may not take the same bait. So a change in the lure style is needed.

Style is the way it acts. Pop-R verses walk the dog. Slugo vs wacky worm.

I find a pink kitty cat floating worm is best follow lure in this instance.

Capt Mike
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i usually fish the outer most part of a brush pile before throwing right in the middle of it and ive caught several fish from the same brush pile but i have also had to return later to catch more than one.
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I like to stick my head under water and yell "Boo!".
Spooks 'em every time.

I need to go lie down.
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i was fishing a small pond last week....hooked a small 1-2 lb bass, he ended up tearing my worm of. So as soon as i could rig another worm on an throw back in the same hole (3-4 mins later), I caught a 5 1/2 lb'r. I honestly think it doesn't matter. is offline   Reply With Quote

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