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Default Leaping bass lost.

Fishing yesterday from my boat for the first time this spring, it was a pretty day and fishing was ok. Caught about a dozen small bass which were at least fun to catch after a long cold winter. At one point, I was working my NU-JIG black/blue with craw trailer through the branches of a nice laydown. At one point, I was sowing pulling the jig over a twig which was about two feet above the water. As the jig dangled a few inches above the water, a bass about 3 pounds came out of the water and snatched it in mid air. My pulse quickened, but five seconds later, it was gone. I believe the bass just grabbed the trailer as half of it was torn from the jig when I got it back to the boat. But it sure added excitement to the day.
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I have had bass come out of the water after a jig being crawled over a log, it can startle you as you do not expect that. I also had one of those mentally impaired Canadian bass come out of the water after a spinnerbait hung up on a low hanging bush after a rare errant cast...
that one got itself hooked and freed the lure for me. I yo-yoing the spinnerbait trying to free it and it hit the water a few times, about the third time the bass went for it.
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That's cool. I've tried dangling baits like that before but never had a taker. I've had bass take buzzbaits before they hit the water though. Glad you got to enjoy catching them.
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I've never had a bass come out of the water after a lure. But I have had numerous sunfish chase a popper or other fly out of the water. Most memorable of those was when I had wrapped a fly around a branch a foot or so above the water. I had a nice sized bluegill jump up and hook itself on the fly. Since it was wrapped, I had to move the boat over to it to get it off the branch.
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I have,tossed a spinnerbait over a limb,bass came up and out 1 ft to get it,yes hooked but not large enough to be a keeper here-15 in was 14 1/2 and not enough weight to bring both down, had to in and get it the hard way.
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