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Default Ran across this and got me wondering

Someone said that using a loop knot on hollow body frogs is a great choice.
The reasoning was that on a traditional hollw body it makes walking the dog action much better and on a popping frog he said it was almost a must.
My thoughts...Popping frogs pops would make a better or more effective pop with a straight tie. may make the frog pop and then do a walk after the pop. Now the traditional frog walking better makes complete sense to me.
Yes I'm aware that newer hollows are all claiming effective walking abilities but I have dozens of older models and they would make walking even better. At least they do on traditional walking baits.
So, who uses the loop knot on hollow bodies?
I asked about loop knots in general awhile back but not frog specific.
So all thoughts are welcomed and from the other post not many use them at all.
Would or do you make changes tying a loop knot with braid. My fear is knot slipping and eliminating the loop, especially after a fish strike or pulling fish out of vegatation.
So share your thoughts with me.
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I tie a loop knot when I am using mono, I like to add a split ring when I use braid. I do think that the use of either of these make walking frogs a little easier, I usually tie direct for popping frogs.
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The loop knot is not well suited to braid due to slippage,I do use it but a lil trick is to take a Cigarette and burn the tag end it flares it out and makes it larger,wont pull back thru easily.
I dont use it on poppin frogs to make them walk,they are a popin frog not so much walk,just as a rat is a straight line bait,each have their own use.Does a spro popping frog turn to the side after a pop yes but myself dont call that a walk.
As for walking most frogs take about 45 lb or 50 to walk ,some even more like a king spro.Pro T is about the easiest with lighter line like 45 lb,spr 50 and up depending upon size.
Instead of a split ring try a weedless hook with the wire guard thru the front eye,lets it swivel and adds another hook to the mixture.
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Loop knots really don't work well with braid. I'll stick with the palomar or modified uni.

However, adding a split ring will help them walk (it even does on hard walk-the-dog baits that don't have them). Just make sure you use a heavy duty one. Heavy line, heavy rods, and strong hooks are pointless if you're split ring can't stand up to the pressure.

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I’m going to agree with everyone on e the loop knot with braid…..tried with poor results although I like lilmules idea about burning the end. Split ring or even a snap will give that free action. The only thing about both of them is they are more prone to pick up slop when you’re throwing through that messy stuff
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