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Default Wacky Worm Fishing

Have been back into bass fishing for a couple of months now and am catching a couple on the tried and true method with Texas rigged worms, crankbaits, speed worms along grass lines. When the bite is tough I have switched to a spinning outfit, light line, 1/16th slip sinker, and a Zoom finess worm. I can load the boat with this especially around boat docks. All fish are usually under 12 inches but are fun to catch. I am just starting to locate drop-offs, points, and weed beds and feel the size will increase.

I have read up on finess fishing and have a question. Any of you have expereince with the wacky worm in stained water. I thought it was a clear water tactic. But will try it out next week. Thanks for your help.
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DVT Mike
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I use a number of finesse techniques in dirty water including a wacky rig. I just modify color for contrast.
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I usually wacky rig in stained water...Personally I like a watermelon type color. I've always had pretty good luck with it, and on one day, pulled a 6lber and 2 4lbers along with several smaller bass. Try it out...I think you'll like it
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A wacky rig with a bulky worm (like a Senko) creates lots of resistance, therefore vibration, while not moving as far horizontally as a T-rig worm. That means you can keep it in a spot longer while still creating a disturbance. I will sometimes slip in a rattle towards one or both ends for some extra commotion. I've caught bass in water that looked like creamed coffee that way.
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Thanks for the replies. I will try it out next week. I am going to downsize the line on some of my baitcasters so I don't have to go out and purchase more spinning tackle. In the past fishing clear water I pitched pretty light lures with 12 and 10 pound line with my baitcasters.
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My buddy and I caught 9 bass at the last tournament in not so good conditions, with really, really murky water on the wacky rig...Buy O rings from bass pro, with the O ring tool, or just hook it through the center part, about 3 ribs up. Also, it helps to use hooks with a metal weed guard to keep from getting hung up. I use size 4/0 gamakatsu hooks, but you can use as small of a hook as you want, i just prefer the bigger hook. I typically use the wacky rig, about any time of the day when the fish are on beds, or have even slowed down. Try using a spinning reel combo and use the "Skipping" technique to get the wacky rig under overhang, to me it is a necessity to use a spinning reel when using the wacky rig, but that is just my preference...Skipping the wacky rig can really get you into nice little pockets under the bank, and can get it in the strike zone... Hope this helps, the wacky rig has by far caught 70% of my fish this spring.. I almost forgot, when you skip it under overhang, let it sink, and almost move your pole as if you were working a drop shot, just tatter it off the bottom slowly, Sometimes, the bass will move out to the middle and working the wacky rig in a random spot in the deep water will really catch fish.
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