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Old 11-08-12, 12:55 PM   #26
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When any T is launched on shared waters the more stricter rules should be applied regardless of where they fish that way no one gets a citation or banned or dqed.
We have that problem on ky lake we genrally share same size limit this lake only in cooperation yet we are a 3 arm state not 5 cross the line anywhere from 2 miles above blood river and your had if on deck,line is center of channel main lake not east bank.
Since tn changed size limits for smallies ky lake ky should change their regs but wont,so guess some flw boys are in for a surprise as tn will be enforcing it,and most think tn is bank east side because that is where state line sign is located(wrong).
So if the states dont cooperate then the T org should place most stringent rules to keep the players in the safe zone.That is however my personal opinion.
It is a 5 rig illegal to have tied on and on deck while in Tn,and just because you wish to use one in Ky doesnt mean can have one in your possession in Tn launching or driving thru,just going from dam to blood river most would cross over center line.
Citation is 150 bucks-complain it goes up continue you and boat get hauled off,be nice about it maybe its your lucky day.
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They should work it like the World Series does, rotate the rules each day starting with the launch site host's rules 2nd and last day.
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Old 11-09-12, 10:38 PM   #28
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No, it wouldn't change my mind.
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I casted one today for an hour to test a rod out that is built for it. All I can say is that it was 45 degrees and I was sweating. I see why you need 60 yard cast, they land like a 747 with 1 wing and probably scare off anything within 30 yards.

The rig itself was pretty cool and designed with keel weights on the bottom to deflect in the wood. I didn't loose it and hung up once putting it in thick cover.

I was using a Shimano 300 E7 and a 7'11" T2 Shockwave Rod. It was a good combination for launching the bait(s).
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Old 11-17-12, 05:55 AM   #30
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A great deal depends upon actual weight a 3 rig being lighter than a 5,and the size bait one is also tossing like 4.8 versus a 3.8,to even much smaller 3 in minnow imitations.
On mine since dont weigh a ton I use heavy action frog rods,can even use med heavy.
While no schooling activity have a T this morning port road big sandy as a non boater and have three packed just in case.
Most likly be going to pickwick first of next month as well,yes you heard right going to bama.Think ill get one five rig,just for away T.
Nice report though on the rod n reel.
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Old 02-15-13, 07:48 PM   #31
jake pelt
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Thumbs down Umbrella rigs

Have you ever been near someone actually trying to throw this rig. It makes a loud splash and scares the crap outa any decent size fish but it does get the attention of nearby boaters. Think about it. If fish are schooling and feeding aren't there alot of other baits out there that would do the job as well. I've hooked up two on a crankbait many times but there was no real quality to the fish. I like to catch a limit of fish and not all 2-3 pounders. I frequently catch a bass over 6 or 7 and I just don't see a real lunker bass chasing a u-rig. I rank u-rigs with zebco's and bobbers made for kids and teenagers. It really only takes the fun out of the 1 bass to one lure approach in the tournament world. It really is a no brainer lure presentation for those who don't bass fish using skill, knowledge, or persue the ultimate question we all do and that is "what pattern will they bite on today"?
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Old 02-15-13, 09:00 PM   #32
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Originally Posted by jake pelt View Post
It really is a no brainer lure presentation for those who don't bass fish using skill, knowledge, or persue the ultimate question we all do and that is "what pattern will they bite on today"?
Jake I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when they first came out and before I took some time to use them. I have found they require as much skill as any lure in my tackle box. Definately not cheating by any stretch. You have got to put lot's of thought into when, where and how to use them. First you've got to choose the right rod/reel/line combo to make using it doable. Decide what's the best thing to put on the business end. Position the boat just right to cover the water you're targeting and keep it at the right depth. Figure out the speed and cadence of your retrieve. Perfect the feel and mechanics of the proper hookset.
It's good if you don't want to use them but before you make a final judgement.....................................

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Old 02-16-13, 01:10 AM   #33
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I threw one almost exclusively a week or so back. Definitely a learning curve, and throwing one is definitely a workout. So far the jury is out.
It's happened to the best of them: John 21:3
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