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Old 05-10-10, 01:57 PM   #51
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Join Date: Mar 2009
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My favorite 3 ways are
Spro Frog
Tightlines Beaver

I try to catch fish on those 3 things anytime i can before I got to something else
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Old 05-10-10, 05:59 PM   #52
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Location: Thomaston CT
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1. Swimbait
2. spinnerbait
3. soft plastics

In memory of Zooker 1/11/73-7/2/2010. You will be sorely missed and never forgotten.
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Old 05-11-10, 02:29 PM   #53
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spinnerbaits and rattle traps. I will wear the paint off of both, but I will catch fish on them. 3rd good ol rubber worm.
In the Lord all things are possible.
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Old 05-11-10, 08:57 PM   #54
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Waurika, OK
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#1---10" Worm T-Rigged
#2---1/2 oz. Chrome/Blue Rat L Trap
#3---1/2 oz. White Snag-Less Sally (In-Line Spinner)
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Old 05-12-10, 06:22 AM   #55
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Location: Spring Lake, Michigan
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Weightless senko-type rigged weedless by far number one for me.
Lipless cranks and spinnerbaits tied for second
Grubs on plain lead head jigs for third (fourth?)
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Old 05-12-10, 07:56 PM   #56
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Location: Eastern PA
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WACKY RIG YUM DINGER!!!!!! Works every time........
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Old 05-12-10, 09:19 PM   #57
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Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 1

#1 Dinger w/ 5/0 ewg hook blue black flake
#2 Shaky head w/ hand poured worm
#3 Drop shot
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Old 05-13-10, 01:33 AM   #58
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#1 T-Rigged lizard
#2 Fluke
#3 jig(wooly hogtail trailer)
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Old 05-13-10, 09:40 AM   #59
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Location: South Arkansas
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wightless senko's and jigs are what i've been doing 75% of the time lately.'s almost froggin' time

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Old 05-13-10, 12:50 PM   #60
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Location: Annville, Kentucky
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Old 05-14-10, 07:29 PM   #61
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Location: Fortville, IN
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1. Crank Baits
2. Frogs
3. Spinners
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Old 05-14-10, 07:42 PM   #62
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Three baits I almost always throw during a day's fishing: Spinnerbait, Lipless crank & Senko, those 3 usually get wet on any day I fish.
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Old 05-14-10, 11:45 PM   #63
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Location: Elliston, Va.
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rootbeer 100 series crankbait
sumtin tex rig

after that it's the whole dingdang box--some of them tied on some not
The soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. keep us free:
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Old 05-15-10, 06:37 PM   #64
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Join Date: May 2010
Location: NW Ohio
Posts: 15

1. top water (skitter pop)
2. jig.
3. Anything else that will catch me fish at that given time...
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Old 05-16-10, 10:59 PM   #65
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Location: College Station, TX
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#1. t-rigged 10 inch berkley power worm
#2. any football head jig
#3. a little manns shallow diver
pond hopper delux
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Old 05-18-10, 05:12 PM   #66
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Join Date: May 2010
Location: Central, AR
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Spro Frog or Spook for topwater
Baby Brush Hog on shakey head
Paca Craw Texas Rig
Carolina Rig lizard
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Old 05-19-10, 12:19 AM   #67
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Posts: 92

1. 5/0 Offset Gammy with 10" watermelon PowerWorm. weightless.
2. Original Floating Rapala, 2 3/4" Brown Trout
3. White Rooster Tail

I would like to add in more items like senkos, spros, spinnerbaits, jigs.... but honestly, these are what works wonders for me, and honestly... i kinda suck with all those other fancy baits.
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Old 05-19-10, 04:10 PM   #68
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Cant believe nobody said a Rat-L-Trap =)

#1. JIG
#2. JIG
#3. JIG
Roodhouse, Illinois
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Old 05-25-10, 12:05 AM   #69
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Join Date: May 2010
Location: Burlington,Ky
Posts: 57

1. Jig blue/black
2. Buzzbait
3. Crankbaits
and in cold water my number one bait is a lipless crank!!
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Old 06-06-10, 07:24 AM   #70
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This is a page of information a fishing buddy and my wife helped me to develop over the years. We’ve caught a lot of bass using the following techniques and presentations.

We fish with spinning outfits, usually 6 pound test mono.
I buy a pack of zoom speedworms in watermelon/red and clip off the tails at the narrow spot just in front of the flapper tail. This makes approximately a 4 inch lure that works exceptionally well. Not having internal salt, it sinks more slowly. This is key when you have submerged weeds, giving the bait much more exposure to the bass on the slow fall.

Rig the lure texposed on a 2/0 offset shank worm hook, weightless, and use a sidearm skipping cast.

When one end wears out, I rig it in the other end....when that end goes, I save it for wacky rigging. I call the speedworm body in watermelon/red a zoomie, for brevity.

It casts like a bullet, and skips well under log, rock and dock.
I fish it most often in the following manner.....cast to likely cover/structure. Sometimes the fish prefer a "Here I am" skipping cast, at other times a quieter entry seems to work better. I let it fall with bail open, to the bottom, watching line at all times. I wait, initially, for 30 seconds, just letting it remain on bottom. After 30 seconds, gently take out the slack and lift it slowly off bottom about two feet to feel for fish....if nothing on, I tremor the bait by suddenly grabbing the rod handle harder, but trying not to move the rod tip.....this gives the lure a sudden little twitch at the top of the raise and will sometimes elicit a strike, if nothing hits, I let it re-fall and rest again for 20 seconds. Lifting slowly a second time...and pausing at the top of the raise, if nothing takes it this time, I reel in at a moderate pace and cast to another likely spot.
When the bass are active, you can vary the pause times to meet the needs of the fish.

An alternate presentation.....developed and perfected by my wife. Using either a regular or skipping cast....she lets the zoomie fall to bottom and lets rest for 15 seconds, then takes one s l o w crank on the reel and lets rest again, with the line draped over her index finger for feel, and watching the line carefully.....after 15 seconds, another s l o w turning of the reel handle and another 15 second pause. She does this until the lure has travelled 8 to 10 feet across bottom, then reels in at a moderate to slow pace, and casts to another likely spot. It should be noted she uses a Zebco 33 reel ( just her personal preference ) so that when reeling s l o w l y, the lure doesn't go far with one revolution of the reel handle, so should you use a higher gear ratio, and want the same results you'll have to maybe take a half or quarter turn.

If weight is needed, I clip pieces of small finishing nails into 3/8 inch lengths and use one inserted in the skin of the lure about even with the hookpoint, but on the side of the lure to maintain a good horazontal fall.....the closer to the hookpoint, the tighter the wobble, the farther out to the side of the worm, the wider the wiggle on the fall. This is a side to side movement, kind of a rocking back and forth. Discovered totally by accident, but beneficial in that the glitter inside the worm body rocking side to side creates a lot of extra flash. Most often, we don't weight, but once in awhile the wind drifts the boat along and the touch of weight added gets the lure down deeper.

Fishing weeds.....bump and fall, bump and fall. I cast to the edge or inside pocket, letting the lure fall until it lodges in a weed. I lift slowly until I feel it bump another weed, then let fall again. I pause 10 seconds each time I lift to let the lure fall farther down in the weeds. Caught some really nice bass doing this along weedbed edges and pockets...... You may be surprised how thick the weeds can get and you can still work it down deep.

In lily pads and reeds, I use a 5 inch zoom lizard in watermelon/red exposed weightless. With the rod tip up, especially in pads it will crawl up on the pads and over the tops. When it comes to an open pocket, I let it sit on the edge of a pad with just the head showing and after 20 seconds or so, I tremor it twice with a little pause between before moving on.
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Old 06-06-10, 05:00 PM   #71
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1. Drop Shot with a 4' roboworm, color doesnt seem to matter, if the fish are there they'll hit it. The action entices them.
2. Jerkbaits - husky jerk, x-rap, challenger minnow
3. Tubes
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Old 06-06-10, 10:28 PM   #72
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rat-l-trap..mrs. bamabassman would say;
#1 1/4 oz. chrome with blue back rattletrap
#2 zoom lizzard, punkinseed/chartruse tail
#3 same as #1
so many lures, so little time.
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Old 06-07-10, 06:21 PM   #73
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Location: Lakehills, Tx
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Black 6" lizard.
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