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Default Line choice

respooling my reels-

one setup is my DS rig with the st. croix DS rod and a Pflueger president reel. I forget what line I have but i'm not happy with it. What is your preference?

Next setup is for all around stick baits, plugs, spinners etc. St. Croix Premiere PS70MF2 rod and Pflueger Patriarch reel.

I know that's general. The DS rod is only for DS fishing. The Premiere rod is a all around rod.

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Spinning gear, not my favorite but they have their place. The only thing I fish on spinning gear are plastics - mostly finesse presentations with small baits, but occasionally I will fish wacky Senko's, tubes or swim creature baits through vegetation with them. I also resort to spinning gear for skipping baits under docks and over hanging brush - I cannot master skipping a bait caster.

I use 20# braid on spinning gear usually with a fluorocarbon leader for any presentation involving a spinning rod. My braid of choice has been Sufix Performance but I just re-spooled with Sufix 832 for a trial run after a disappointing couple hours with Power Pro.

Moving baits and plastics involving sinkers or weighted hooks (3/16 oz +) I throw on bait casting gear, I think it's much easier to cast as well as resulting in more accurate casting once you get used to them. I prefer a co-poly line for most applications, but any line works and has advantages/disadvantages, which one will work best for you is a matter of personal preference.

As I like co-polymer for moving baits, using a spinning gear would not work for me because the co-poly (and fluorocarbon) tend to be a bit stiff and spring off the spool at times. That's my reason for braid on spinning gear, it works really well.

If I could offer one suggestion related to combinations for bass fishing it would be: learn to throw a bait caster. When I started it was with spinning gear as it was what I was familiar with but many presentations in bass fishing are much better/easier since I learned the advantages of the bait caster.
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Originally Posted by bassboogieman View Post
If I could offer one suggestion related to combinations for bass fishing it would be: learn to throw a bait caster. When I started it was with spinning gear as it was what I was familiar with but many presentations in bass fishing are much better/easier since I learned the advantages of the bait caster.

I absolutely agree with this. I started learning a baitcaster the year I really got into bass fishing and haven't looked back. I still keep a couple spinning combos around because like bassboogieman said, they do have their place. But there are times I'll go shore fishing with a limited rod/reel selection and not even hesitate to leave them at home.

As far as line goes, I fish braid almost exclusively on spinning reels. It's just so much less hassle. However, I don't like fishing hard baits (crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwaters, etc.) with braid. Some do, and it works for them; it's just not my personal preference.

Dropshotting is the only technique I have a dedicated spinning rod for, and about the only technique I like fishing on spinning gear better than casting. I've had success with 10lb braid (I love Sufix 832) and a 6-8lb fluorocarbon leader.

Last season I tried out some higher end FC on a spinning reel for dropshot and was pleased. Most FC is a nightmare on spinning gear though. The one I've been liking is Sunline Super FC Sniper in 7lb test. You still have to deal with the other downsides of FC, but it's not a big deal for me. It's my line of choice for most techniques anyways.

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Sunline is great, IMO stay away from viscious. PP has been my mainstay but dang if that 832 good, on both my heavy pitchen rods. been trying fluro on my spinning working out alright but 30 lb suffix 832 with a 6ft fluro leader is better, though I fish stained so half time i noticed they hit it with out the fluro
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Cajun red mono. All sizes.
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20lb braid will do ya right IMO. It's pricey but lasts a long time.

Power Pro, and 832 are both excellent.
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Think it depends what type of water clarity you have as well.... super clear and I would stray clear of braid all together. I'd prob go 6-8 lb fluro. However if its stained or murky Id stick with what bassboogieman stated, maybe try the NanoFil by Berkley. It's smooth like mono and strong like braid, not to mention you can cast it a mile. If you go with braid I personally prefer PowerPro.

For the other, I'd go with either NanoFil or 10-12 lb Fluro.

Again, all depends the type of water clarity and structure youll be fishing around. Alot of timber and rock will cut a line like fluro.
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I'm a spinning reel guy - I have 10 pound InvisX (fluorocarbon) on my drop-shot rod and 30 pound Suffix 832 on 4 other rods. I also have 10 pound Nano-fill on one rod and love it for throwing small in-line spinners for small-mouth. Nano-fill works good for most presentations, though you might want to consider a leader if fishing clear water.

I've had problems with knots breaking using InvisX on plastics - I love the sensativity, sinking quality and visibility of InvisX, but my knots don't stand up to my hook sets. I haven't had a problem with InvisX on a drop-shot, but the hook-sets are generally more sweeping than eye-crossing.

I've used Power Pro, Spiderwire and Fireline in the past and they were all good lines, 832 is just a little more supple.
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Thanks for all the input. I'm going with sufix 832, I appreciate your help
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I'm a Powerpro guy but have heard a lot of good things about the Suffix 832. For mono I absolutely love P-Line Floroclear. Not exactly true mono-it is mono with a fluorocarbon coating. Strong, tough, and handles like a dream. Even on spinning gear.

I concur on learning to use a baitcaster-it opens up a lot more options.

Welcome to the forum, BTW
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Well I vote for two newer braids out there. The 832 is much better with removing the wind knots than Power Pro. But I just started using Power Pro Slick 8 and it has not thrown an air loop yet.. Same exact setup on two rods times two.
To summarize the 832 will untie and air knot less frequent.
The slick 8 has not had an air knot yet so untying is unknown.

6 trips in the test so far. Various levels of skill too.

Capt Mike
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Once you master a bait caster, that's it. I use PowerPro #40 braid -- No stretch, no curls, no breaks.
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