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Old 01-27-14, 02:29 PM   #1
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Default Do these craw immitations work?

I'm a sucker for a sale and bought these locally on a close out.
They are hollow bodied and only the bottom one (red shad, 3.5") has caught a bass. Has anybody had luck with them? Are there more ways to rig them other than with a jig hook? I was thinking of using them as a trailer on a skirted jig .

If they don't work for most anglers, what's the point of matching a prey species with something that's a perfect match?
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You could rig a tube jighead inside the hollow baits.

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Old 01-27-14, 08:06 PM   #3
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I don't know about the top two, but the YUM is a dead ringer for the discontinued Mad Man Craws of a couple years ago - they caught fish. Rigged as Mark mentioned with a weighted tube hook, the Mad Man/YUM baits do a very good imitation of a live crawdad. The solid ones, like the top one, I see used more often as a jig trailer.
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Old 01-27-14, 11:08 PM   #4
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The top one reminds me of the Yum Craw Papi but with smaller claws. I've done very well pitching it t-rigged with a tungsten weight into submerged vegetation.
Just one more cast, and then some!
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Old 01-28-14, 08:52 AM   #5
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I use craws a lot, when the water's cold or I am fishing very slow through thick weeds.
I've always had better success without all the legs.
Watching crayfish in an aquarium, I've noticed that the legs are always under the body, not out to the sides. I don't know if that's why artificials work better without the legs or not, but I do know that the craw comes through heavy weeds much better without them.

Leave the claws and feelers on, trim all the legs and "fins" off the sides. The ones with spread tails on them, trim the edges so they can't catch on weeds, etc. Rig them texas style, with the hook point in the plastic. I like keeper style hooks, with the pin or spring on the hook eye to hold the front of the lure. If you are fishing less than 12 feet of water, go weightless and let just the hook weight sink the craw.

Fish very slow, wait between moves. If you think you are fishing slow enough ... count to 30 after you can't wait anymore, then move the craw a few inches. A feeding crayfish makes very little motion, and sits on the food for as long as possible. Bass "sneak up" on prey that isn't "paying attention".
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Old 01-28-14, 09:05 AM   #6
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You've all renewed my faith in these baits. Will give them a try in spring. Thanks
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Old 08-31-14, 06:37 PM   #7
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I have used plastic craws successfully flipping heavy grass. I rig them with a 3/8 oz. pegged slip sinker.
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