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Default chatterbait trailers

I see a lot of people use chatterbaits with good results. I tried them and didn't do good with them. I would like to give them another chance. So I was wondering if you would care to share your favorite brand and color of trailer and bait. Also when and where you have best results.
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I fish chatterbaits quite a bit in spring and fall and my favorite brand... drum roll please... I make my own. I go through a lot and it's far more economical (CHEAPER) to make them than buy them. Assembly is easy and I can make them in colors that I just can't find in commercial lures. I get all my parts from Barlow's tackle. I use the 3/8 oz mostly, but I do have a few in 1/4 and 1/2 oz.

I usually use a 4" fluke as a trailer, I like a bit more bulk than the split tail trailer that come with most commercial brands. A large 4" grub works well also, but the fluke is my go to trailer.

More of mine can be viewed here.

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I'm working on getting a mold for the ones I had custom made. I'll be able to get them in any color combo I choose!!!

I've used these with success too. Bass Assassin Sea Shads.

But I'm gonna give these new Berkley Rib Shad baits a shot this spring and see how they do.

They're all in the 3.5-4" range.
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Old 03-21-14, 04:16 PM   #4
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boogieman what size split ring do you use? also do you even use the oval split ring?

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Nope its thru the leadhead eyelet that is open then bent closed,no split ring,then a snap clip on or in the blade.
Might add thats a neat way around getting the blade on without it being attached prior to molding,its heavy duty wire no bass is going to bend it to the point it can come off,doubt if a 50lb muskie would in one attempt
Go to his web link can view the chatterbaits in various stages.
But now that I have some any clues how to use???????? Or special retrieves for like mid fifty deg water.

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Old 05-13-14, 05:05 PM   #6
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I like to use mine over, in, through, and around grass, pads, wood, etc. If you retrieve them just like a spinnerbait you don't get hung up (very rare) and you'll catch plenty of bass. As the water warms up I fish them just under the surface or depending on the water clarity just out of sight. If I know of a shallow drop or grass edge I'll swim it along or over and then kill it when it gets to the edge. This can be deadly.

One thing I think is a key for me is my setup. I use a 6'6" Med/Fast All-Star rod. It's old and cheap but it's got a soft tip and allows the fish to load up. I also use a old Shimano Curado 200 that's a 5:1 which really slows the bait down. My buddy started out using a 7' Fast/Fast with a 7:1 retrieve reel and wasn't getting many bites. I'd out fish him from the back of the boat on the exact same bait. He finally switched up and is catching a lot more fish now.

The new Berkley rib shad baits (seen above) are way too big for a 3/8th oz bait. They may work with a larger 1/2oz.

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I still use the traditional twin tail trailer. It's always worked and has nice action. But I'm going to try some others just for kicks.
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Old 05-14-14, 02:14 AM   #8
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We have been assembling these and using them with good success. We were lucky enough to find a stash of the old Gambler coffin style blades that are no longer available due to some patent right infringements. We are using a variety of trailers with the single and double tailed grubs working well.

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Old 06-25-14, 08:56 PM   #9
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I think any of the paddle tail swimbaits are great. My personal fav is the paddle tail Zoom Fluke.
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