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Default Are most bass lures seasonal or limited to specific situations?

Over the years and after reading or watching fishing shows about artificial lure use, it seems the one thing never mentioned is when not to use those lures or their primary use beyond which they are useless. Granted, lure hype by the pros is good for business, but carrying around 40 lbs. of tackle, most of which have rarely caught fish, supports the idea that few lures are multi-seasonal or multi-situational.

For example, in my local waters a floating crankbaits or jerkbait seems to work early or late in the season but not as well during the day in the hot summer months, whereas a jig or plastic worm does. I'm not sure of the night fishing potential of crankbaits, but then again jigs, dropshot soft plastics seem to rule. If the weeds are heavy and widespread, that rules out crankbaits, surface and a host of other lures such as spoons, spinners, Alabama rigs and Chatterbaits.

What's your take?

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Sam You pretty much answered that yourself. Of course there are some general rule of thumbs. Most people will not be throwing topwater plugs/buzzbaits and the like when water temps are in the 40's. Most people will not be lobbing a Zara Spook way back into the pads in July.
On any given day I tailor the baits I carry/throw in a more situational fashion rather than seasonal. If the lake I'm fishing today is deep and clear, I'll carry and throw totally different stuff than I would if I was going somewhere grassy/shallow/stumpy........
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Some lures definitely perform better in a one seasons (or water temp) than another. Having a boat has made it easy for me to keep most all my (and it's a lot) lures in the vast storage it affords. I keep it there solely for convienience and don't use more than a VERY small percentage of it on any one outing but if I need it, it's available and I'm not stocking my lure boxes based on a single outing's requirements.

Fishing from my kayak, howerver, is a different story. When using that, I do have to limit what I take - both rod/reels and lures. It's more difficult, but selecting the fishing components based on the water and season I am fishing is really important for success. I also have to consider which areas of a lake or river I will concentrate on, which may have a bearing on my selctions, as I won't be picking up and running five miles at a pop either.
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I also feel that lure selection is based on situation, just maybe not as cut and dried as a given season. Water temperature and clarity, cover and activity level all affect which types of lures will be most effective.
I think that the same lure will be more effective with different retrieves in different conditions as well. For example, working a spinnerbait faster in moderate temperatures, than in either cold or warm temperatures will often make a difference.
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All the lures I use will work spring through fall. The only seasonality for me is topwaters, mentioned above, which I don't use much when the water is below 55.
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The guys answered your question pretty well. Yeah, a certain lure may work year round, however it may excell at certain times of the year or in certain conditions. Some lures are more multifaceted than others. And I've noticed, even that varies depending on what part of the country your living in and the type of water your fishing. Thats where research is so inportant when traveling to a body of water you've never fished before.
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I think we all agree that though a lure may have contributed to a tournament win, there's a lot more than just using it. When I was a novice bass angler I read Bassmaster and watched fishing shows. When a few lures made by certain companies were mentioned, I purchased a few in different colors and low and behold I had no idea how they were used or the situation(s) that made them exceptional. I therefore have far too many crankbaits and soft plastic because I believer the hype and which I will probably never use again versus the few that I have high confidence in.

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I live and fish in Alabama. We rarely get "hard water" in winter. I have caught bass on topwater baits in December. I think seasons are just one factor in what lures work when. Water clarity, forage, weeds or non-weeds seem to affect the fish more than seasons for me. Although I usually reserve Frogs & Buzzbaits for spring & fall.
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I live slightly north of fred yet use frogs and or topwater 9 months a year,and even in those three months may use one a small amount Jan being the only month I havnt caught a fish on topwater,other than trout.We as fishermen tend to say or think or feel a bait works better at one time of the year versus another yet even a suspending jerkbait used for prespawn fish will work in july.So somewhat user defined and somewhat region defined,regardless of, if it should work but doesnt and someone is using that which shouldnt what do think you should have tied on?
Ive got some great looking baits they just dont hit,realistic,right colors havnt a clue,so like many go back to my standbys when all else fails.
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In truth, you just never know. I've caught fish on baits that are not supposed to work when I am throwing them, and the internet is full of stories of things like topwater frogs in 48 degree water. Going against conventional wisdom can sometimes load the boat. As has been said many times, there is only one way to find out.......
It's happened to the best of them: John 21:3
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What adds to the problem of lure selection is selecting old lures I never had much luck with or stopped using because of the latest fads. Maybe it's time I give some of them a shot knowing what I do now about depth and speed control versus just casting & winding.
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