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Old 04-18-06, 06:59 PM   #1
bubba bass bigfoot
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Default QUICK!! how do u hook one of these

how do hook one of these up the best way

im only asking b/c i have nevered used one
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for one where in ohio are you (town)

as for he question: t-riged weightless or with a small split shot does good for me!

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Old 04-18-06, 07:46 PM   #3
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Like this:

Except I keep the point of the hook buried in the plastic. You want the hook to ride in the groove under the bait.
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AH the Fluke. Rebasser showed you the way, however the hook size is very important along with a good stiff rod, and no/low strecth line. The groove in the bottom is for the hook to set in. I rig them both upside down, and right side up, it seems to make little difference to the bass as to which way I rig it. They are very good many times when twitched quickly up on the top or just below the surface, the bass will just hit them like a buzzbait at times. Other times a slight twitch with a long pause/fall is the ticket. One of the greatest baits made IMO. If it's the super fluke you should use a 5/0 hook. And make sure you let the bass take it for just a couple of quick seconds and run, then cross it's eyes and have fun.

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Old 08-01-06, 02:28 AM   #5
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i aint never caught anything off fake worms any tips?
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Originally Posted by dylan_amatuer_angler
i aint never caught anything off fake worms any tips?
you are probably working them to fast.that's the #1 MISTAKE people make.
chrysler master tech,avid fisherman and i bleed red,white and blue!!!!
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Old 08-01-06, 05:36 PM   #7
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throw them over the side and use a crank bait..

the godfather..
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Old 08-01-06, 06:54 PM   #8
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Originally Posted by zooker
throw them over the side and use a crank bait..

kbkindle i vote for zooker
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I have fairly good luck with these. but I do something a bit different. I don't use any weight for starters. I texas rig the bait and rig it so that the eye of the hook causes the nose end of the bait into an upward turn. By doing this I can cause the bait to dart and skip out of the water like a fleeing baitfish. Seems to work for me.
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Old 08-02-06, 11:34 PM   #10
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ummmm k-dog,he needed to know quickly because he never used one on 4-18-06 at 6:59 p.m....lmao...hope he wasn't holding his breath waiting for your reply...he probably changed his name 3 times already.
A man's gotta believe in something...I believe I'll go fishing.
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i just caught 2 bass on flukes a couple weeks ago. i kept losing them but then i started letting them take the bait for a couple seconds. i use to colors,baby bass and arkansas shiner.
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