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Default How should I set this up?

I don't know a ton about bass fishing but am going to learn a lot this spring/summer. I'm at the point to where I want to start going rod specific, depending on the type of lure I'm using.

I bought a pretty nice worm rod last week but can't remember the brand and bought a pretty nice crank bait rod yesterday. The crank bait rod is a G Loomis. I also bought two reels and don't know which one to put on which rod.

The first reel is a spinning Quantum Catalyst PTi 5.17:1
The second is a bait cast Abu Garcia ambassadeur 6.4:1

Of these two reels, which would you use for the crank bait rod? I don't really get the ratio...not sure what is good or bad.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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well that depends on if the rod is a spinning rod or a casting rod... AS for the gear ratios: Your first one is a 5.1:1, that means that for every time you turn the reel handle, the spool goes around 5.1 times. The same thing for the second one. I like a 6.2:1 or a 6.3:1 for spinnerbaits and crankbaits on baitcasting tackle on 12-14 lb. test. If you have any more questions just ask...

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Well, since the Quantum is a spinning reel then you'll have to put that on the spinning rod and the Ambassadeur on the casting rod. But the spinning outfit would be better than the big reel for casting little balsa cranks like shad raps. Both the spinning reel and casting reel setups will work for worming depending on what weights you're using. The casting reel would probably be better for faster presentations of crankbaits like rat-l-traps. Those are just a few uses, but you can really get away with whatever you're comfortable with. As long as you're familiar with what you can do with the setups then that is all that matters since everyone develops their own unique style of fishing.
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