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Old 12-11-08, 08:28 PM   #1
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Default straight worm hooks?

does anyone use straight worm hooks here for soft plastics? is there any advantages to them?
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Old 12-12-08, 01:37 AM   #2
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For me it is probably a matter of taste and being confident in the gear, but I only throw straight shanks in my worms. When rigged correctly, the tip of the hook points upward. This has minimized my skin hooked fish and having the hook thrown.
I still use EWG on Flukes.
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i personally only use EWG hooks, but i know a lot of guys who swear by using straight shanked hooks when flipping and pitching.
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Originally Posted by carolina-rig-01 View Post
i personally only use EWG hooks, but i know a lot of guys who swear by using straight shanked hooks when flipping and pitching.
Im the same way I only use EWG hooks for all my softplastics. the only thing I change is color and size of the hook.
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Old 12-12-08, 10:10 AM   #5
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I use straight hooks for small profile plastics, like a red shad 4 inch worm
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Old 12-12-08, 10:11 AM   #6
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I tried straight shank hooks a few years ago, and really never developed any confidence in them. It just seemed to me that using a EWG hook makes for more exposed hook once the the Bass has the hook in it's mouth, and a surer hookset.
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Old 12-12-08, 12:52 PM   #7
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I still have a few straight hooks for plastics, thatīs what I used for years until the bend hooks appeared, bend hooks whatever style you like are better than straight hooks.

Straight hooks are only good for a few casts or the first fish, after that the bait continously slides down from the hook if you donīt peg the bait to the hook eye.
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Old 12-12-08, 06:52 PM   #8
pig n jig
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I still use straight shank hooks for worms except for the 10" worms. I personally think I hook more fish when using the straight hook vs. a offset hook. Its probably no so, that is what I beleive though. Ivan
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Old 12-12-08, 09:45 PM   #9
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Straight shank hooks are great for lizards in the 6 inch range. I did a study over two spring seasons and the straight shanks had a 50% better hook up.

Capt Mike
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Old 12-13-08, 02:10 PM   #10
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One of my buddies swears by using the straight shank hooks rather than the ewg for almost all the plastics he fishes , I have yet to try them on anything outside of smaller creature baits .

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Old 12-14-08, 11:46 PM   #11
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Default How2Tip

How2Tip: Use some 6, 8, 10# test tie a Uni-Knot on the shank and slide your worm over it. Seams to have less damage to the lure than a S-bend hook for me.
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Old 12-17-08, 06:26 PM   #12
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I use a 1/0 owner wide gamakatsu or owner on a 4" or 5" fluke or GY GY shad for fresh or salt water. They work great around sandy or gravelled bottoms . I would not work around weedy or areas with too much structure. Other than that, if you have no use, send it my way, I'll take them all :P
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