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Originally Posted by fishin' fool View Post
Definatley! There are times were small baits catch big bass better, but for the most part large baits will out produce. It really how nature works, its called optimum foraging theory. Most animals will eat prey that give them the most energy, and the most energy with the less or least amount of energy expended to get it. Good fishin
Actually I read somewhere, or maybe it was one of the outdoor show videos that the larger Bass must have larger prey so the prey doesn't escape out the gill flutes.
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Me and Lowrider were fishing a local lake last year mid summer. Noticed one hell of a fish continously flopping on the surface, we go over and its a very large bass, with a very large other fish choking him. The greedy 10+ lb hog (was probably bigger at the time he ate the other fish) had eaten a fish so large that the last 4-5 inches was hanging out of his gullet.

The fish was not going to last much longer baking in the sun on the surface of the water, the meal hanging out of him had allready started stinking. We netted the fish and tried to remove the larger fish. Wich we could not do without hurting the hog, so I very quickly pushed the fish as far down in the gluttons mouth as I safely could, snapped a quick pic and released her. She did swim down, but it is doubtful to me that she lived.

There is the fish, and if you look closely you can see the prutruding bulge near the anus (rofl, i said anus) of the fish, that is the head of the meal for that hogmozilla.

So to sum up a very long story, Yes I thing big bass eat big baits. And to take it one step further I think the largest bass only eat the largest of meals every few days to a week or so.
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It would seem you could have taken a knife or something and cut the smaller fish up. Nice pic though, and you gave it a shot.
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Originally Posted by doc View Post
She did swim down, but it is doubtful to me that she lived.
Well, maybe she became dinner for an even larger bass.
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