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Default Locating underwater weeds.

The boat I bought came with a graph locator and no directions for use. It has a built in tutor. One question I need an answer to is how to recognize underwater weed beds. How would I gage the height of them. Any other info on weeds on the graph would be appreciated.

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You have good timing, Bob-saw this on another site a couple days back-may not be exactly what you are looking for but it helps:

The best way to find what it looks like it to get over what you know are weeds and then move to open water watching your depthfinder. When you get a flat bottom with nothing sticking up you are on the edge of the weedline. By sitting over a spot you know has weeds you can see what they look like.
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I had someone give me a graph with no manuals, so I went online and downloaded the manual. It helped me out alot because I had no idea how to set everything on it until I downloaded the manual. I know the basics on setting one, but this one had alot of extra features that I had never seen on my old ones.
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Drag a Rat-L-Trap across the bottom and see where you get weed snags.
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