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SPRO BBZ-1 Swimbait

Designed by renowned big bass guru Bill Siemantel, the BBZ-1 Swimbait is an 8-inch jointed swimbait designed to be fished in all water columns from shallow to deep. The BBZ-1 comes in three models, a floating, slow-sink and fast-sink versions. They are equipped with ultra-sharp 2X Strong 1/0 treble hooks and feature a soft plastic tail section.
BBZ-1 Swimbait 1
BBZ-1 Swimbait 2
BBZ-1 Swimbait 3
BBZ-1 Swimbait 4
BBZ-1 Swimbait 5
BBZ-1 Swimbait 6
BBZ-1 Swimbait 7
BBZ-1 Swimbait 8
BBZ-1 Swimbait 9

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Spro BBZ-1 Swimbait
These baits come in floating, slow-sink and fast-sink. I really like the floating versions. One hot technique is deadsticking a big floating swimbait in wind and waves. I like 'Silver Fish' color out East.
Spro BBZ-1 Swimbait
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