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Default tube fishing in pads

this is something new to me..does anyone else here get right into the pads for some hand to hand combat?
a buddy of mine won a tourney the other day just flippin tubes into holes in the pads.he's a hard guy to understand,so i'm not sure if he was fishing close to the boat or not.
i guess what i want to know pads in about 2 to 3 ft of water,how close to the boat can you get away fishing without spooking the fish?
any help here is appreciated...this lake i'm fishing tomorrow is loaded with pads..and dragging baits across the pads didn't work there the other day.i gotta get down and dirty. ;D
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Default Re: tube fishing in pads

As you know Tom the key to flippin' is stelth. I'd say (not having flipped pads before) you can get pretty close, but I wouldn't. Flip to hole between the pad 6, 7, or 8 feet away. On the delta out here there are areas which have really sparce bullrushes in about 4 to 5 feet of water. We flip the outside edges first because of the predator factor of the bass. Then hit the inside pockets. Works out here.
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Default fish the edges

Hey, I was watching Roland Martin,
or some fishing show, and he was fishing the edges of
the grass and pads with 8" plastic worms (purple) and caught a NICE 7lb Bass... And a bunch of others 2-4 lbs
u might wana try that

good luck,

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Default Re: tube fishing in pads

Tom, you may wish to try switching from tubes to weightless texposed lizards. *You still cast normally and then retrieve slowly with rod tip up....the little guy will literally crawl across the tops of pads without hooking up......let him crawl into a little opening and sink....wait about 20 seconds, then give a couple gentle twitches and wait 10 seconds before moving on. *Space the twitches apart a little.

Sometimes the bass grab immediately and sometimes the waiting gets them all by itself, and then sometimes the twitching....and even yet when the lizard starts to climb out of the hole does the trick. *I would think the tubes would work better for the edges and weed change points as suggested in the post above.

I also like the lizards fished slowly and gently....quite slowly and very gently in the reeds....kind of a bump and drop approach. I also use them in thick weeds when the zoomies (speedworm bods) hang up.

Good fishing, Mac
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Rob Mak
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Default Re: tube fishing in pads

the true key is the hook really r bend hooks from eagle claw will let it enter the water slower -i don't know why-i can flip 15 feet or so or pitch it in about 30-35 feet. i sit right on the grass line to work my stein.and have caught fish 2 feet away. this is in very clear water .just the less you move around in the boat the more noise you-or me for that matter-makes. use one rod maybe two, KEEP YOUR FOOT OFF THE TROLLING MOTER!!!!!!!!
fish the chunk of pads throughly-or more through than normal-ya want to cover as much area as possible before moving.

this is how i would and do fish pads.

there ain't no such thing as a bad day of fishin



Rochester, New York
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Default Re: tube fishing in pads

thanks guys..the fish just weren't in the pads today.this cold front must have sent them packing.i managed 1 short in 23 ft of water on a chrome/black 1/2oz rattletrap,and 1 keeper(2.1lbs)on same rattletrap in 37ft of water.i threw a hail mary cast and bam got my only keeper.this was the club guys and gals tourney.i fished it with my 9 yr old daughter.she didn't catch anything but we had a ball.
i tried everything in the pads,just were not there. :-/
i'll remember all your tips for the next time i fish pads.
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