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Default Stick Marsh and other

Fishing in our area has been one that needs an intimate knowledge of available cover and structure on Stick Marsh/Farm 13. There are times that you only need to follow the other boats to be on the fish, but such is not the case at this time. Wind, fronts, and lack of hydrilla have all combined to alter a few things, but that does not mean that the fish aren't there. They are and they will bite if you and the fish are located in the same place.
If you are fishing with shiners I think you all know where to head, but the competition for casting spots is going to be strong. In order to find yourself in the right place you need to launch earlier and this can open up a can of worms for safe navigation. Those that are out there all the time have a pretty good idea where the floaters, (those insidious hidden logs), are and can hence avoid them even when it is dark. Those that aren't out there all that much run a very heavy risk of doing damage to the boat if a log is encountered. If you are making your annual visit here it might be cost effective to get with one of the guides for a day to figure out what is going on here.
There are days when wind becomes a problem for the artificial anglers. Last year it was a case of put out some wind socks for drift control and work the grass areas. The socks work great for a somewhat random drift, but when your drift needs to be absolutely held to a path that is only 8 feet wide they don't work as well. The fishing right now demands that kind of control as the fish are going to be found by those that work the ditch edges on Farm 13. Two things are need to be successful at this type of fishing. Excellent electronics so that you can maintain the boat in the ditch, and patience because the bass have been moving about. Where you find them today may not even be close to them tomorrow so you need the patience to hunt them down. An excellent search method has been the Carolina rig which of course calls for slow fishing. The rattletrap has worked to some extent, but not as efficiently.
The water is clearing gradually as the days over the last week continually improved. However by mid-morning the wind has come up with occasional gusts to the high teens and if you are sitting out in the middle of the Farm or the Marsh this makes for a bit of difficult fishing. If you get here and the wind does kick up you do have alternatives, and I can assure you the guides have an ace or two in the hole if this occurs.
We have, over the last couple of days, been giving ourselves a refresher course on just such locations and the results have been extremely good. Yesterday's foray with Scott, Don Willis and myself resulted in over 40 bass in the boat.

Senkos were the producer today and they produced quantity and quality.

Everyone got in on the act with some really nice fish. As you can see, the wind was down but with the vegetation around us the wind was never a factor throughout the day.

No shiners, no spillway, no heavy competition were all factors that contributed to a great day on the water. Don't get me wrong; if you are looking to fish shiners on the Marsh then you best be where the action is, but if you want to fish artificial bait and the weather or conditions throw a curve your way we do have alternatives.
Give us a call; we have openings yet in January and would be glad to show you the Marsh, or if need be or wanted other good locations as well. See you on the water.

Imagination Bassin Guide Services
772 532-7440
Coosa River Bass Are Awsome !!
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Default Re: Stick Marsh and other

I need to learn some more tricks. Caught three small ones early. Braved the fog and low light today. By the time the wind started, fish were hard to come by. Finished the day at Cherokee Cove- caught 2 dead stickin tiki sticks. 8)
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