How To Tie Hair Jigs That Catch Bass

How To Tie Hair Jigs That Catch Bass

Published March 10, 2010 by Kevin Scarselli
Kevin Scarselli

Equipment and Materials in Our Intro To Hair Tying Video

How To Tie Hair Jigs

We really like Jann’s Netcraft because of their reputation in the lure making industry, as well as their selection and prices. So what we have done here, is list all the products that we display in our hair tying production video and link to that product’s page on Jann’s Netcraft’s website, so you can order those same materials, or learn more about them. These are the very materials and equipment Kevin and Bryan use in their hair jig endeavors. Many of the materials listed below were not mentioned or shown in the video, but are recommended so as to make this list a great starter kit that will let you make a wide variety of hair jigs for certain conditions. The only materials you may not be able to find at Netcraft are the more exotic hairs and furs, such as bear or possum hair. There are many hair shops online that do provide these hairs, however.

Recommended Equipment and Materials

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