The Kevin Scarselli Show: Radio Show #1

The Kevin Scarselli Show: Radio Show #1

Published March 10, 2010 by Kevin Scarselli
Kevin Scarselli

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Topics Discussed In The Show:

(53 Minutes) In this show, Kevin talks about a wide range of topics. First, we discuss the many things going on in the bass fishing world during the cold offseason. We talk about the many fishing shows that the audience may have attended, the Bass Pro Shop’s Spring Classic Sale and left-hand retrieve reels. Kevin discusses reel maintenance and shares a product recommendation for cleaning your reel bearings. Visitor questions are answered regarding BassFishin.Com’s “The Geospatial Advantage” video as well as helpful tips on how to use Google Earth 5.0’s new features. Kevin wraps things up with some interesting coverage of new products and lures that are new to the market and gives you some insight into how they perform and are designed.

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